Sammy (onesong394) wrote in atango_to_hell,

Hi, I'm new here

Yes, yes, introductions.

I'm Samantha, or Sammy, or Sam...whatever you prefer...and I'm 16 years old.  I'm a fairly new RENThead...I've been in love with it for nearly six months now.  When I first heard the soundtrack (both movie and Broadway) I fell in love with "Tango: Maureen" as well as Mark and Joanne.  When I memorized the two-disk soundtrack/saw the movie,  I became completely and totally obsessed with Mark/Joanne.  I absolutely adore Tracie and Anthony - aren't they just they hottest people EVER in the Tango scene???  Anyway...I obsessively write Mark/Joanne fanfic and make's rather addictive.  I completely and totally freaked out when I found this  - it seemed like no one else loved them like I did, and then I found a community about them!  Mucho happiness.  

In case you'd like to check out some of my fanfictions, my profile is here...check it out!

And, I thought I might as well post this little oneshot.  I wrote this a while ago, but oh well...

Title:  "Never Again"
Author: onesong394/Sammy
Pairing: Ever so Mark/Joanne
Rating: Strong R/light NC-17
Type of fic: one shot
Genre: Romance/Drama
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Sexual, sexual, sexual content.  Don't read if it offends you

(And now, it's an addiction...)
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