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Bonjour, bitches!

Hey...I'm Tory, I'm Corynne's girlfriend, and now I'm in the house. ^_^ Herlo. I'm a 15 year old Sophmore and I think if Mark is going to go with anyone, it'll be Roger or Joanne. But hey, Joanne and Mark have more adorable screenshot moments and Joanne, unlike Roger, is not hopelessly drowned in emoness. Like Corynne-chan, I've never seen the musical, but I know enough about it and its differences to the movie, and I still think Joanne and Mark are cute. That, and Maureen cheats way too much for her to truly commit to anyone. Well...hug and kiss, peeps. Oh, and thanks, Alice, for the wonderful header et icon. ^_^ You're so cool, dear.
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